Pinnacle Inn Homeowners

Have you ever wondered how the Pinnacle Inn is set up?  Is there any logic to the maze of buildings we call home?  Well here goes!

There are 48 Ski Suites and they are all in one side of Buildings 1 and 4.

There are 32 One Bedroom Condos and they are all in Building 3.

There are 48 Two Bedroom (850 SF) and they are all in one side of Buildings 1 and 4

There are 102 Two Bedroom (1000 SF) and they are all in Buildings 2 and 3.

There are 12 Garden Villas (Two Bedroom | 1000 SF with additional large deck)

Being a Condo Owner

When you purchase property in a condominium, you own your condo "paint to paint".  The inside walls that is.  The plumbing and electric inside the walls is common property, as are the exterior walls, sidewalks, and amenities.   There are monthly fees that are paid.  These maintain the common elements, and in our case, they also cover our water, sewer, local telephone, internet and cable TV!  These fees are due on the first of each month, and are considered delinquent on the last day of the month.  Whether or not you receive a physical invoice, these fees are due every month.  You should have received documents when you closed on your condo that explain all of this.  You can CLICK HERE to view and download our documents.

Meet Our Office Staff

There are three very important ladies who work in the management office. They are your main line of communication when you have a question or issue with your condo.  They are very busy, answering phones, writing work orders when you need maintenance on your condo, and handing out general information.

Judy Decker

Property Manager

Judy has been with The Pinnacle for 15 years. Frankly we don't know how the place could run without her.  She started as a reservationist and worked her way up to Office Manager.  She wears many hats - Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Construction Supervisor, and lets face it - Homeowner Psychologist.

Kathy Rogers


Kathy joined the Pinnacle Inn 5 years ago as a reservationist.  It is her voice you first hear when you call the Pinnacle Inn.  She and her husband live on Beech Mountain.

Tasha Clawson


Tasha is the newest member of the Pinnacle Office Staff and has been here for 3 years.  She is the proud mother of an almost 2 year old, and another friendly face to help homeowners out.

Let Us Hear From You ...

Need to call or email the office?  Here are the names and numbers:

Phone:  828-387-2231

Email Office Staff:  pinnaclehoa@skybest.com

Email Pinnacle Inn Board Members:  pinnacleinnboard@gmail.com